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I opened the Public in the VK is a Link to it you'll find something interesting!
Send here the points for Sindroom for Principal Sinch and Vice Principal Luna.……

Starlight Glimmer v2 - 1000%
Rarity Camper - 100%
Sunset Shimmer Camper - 100%
Bon Bon - 0%
Lyra - 90%
Octavia - 100%
Apple Bloom - 50%
Swetie Bell - 30%
Scootaloo - 0%
Sweeten Sour - 0%
Other commissions - 90%

I'm back! I fixed all problems on my computer and can now continue to work on the models. Don't be afraid to model starlight I before it took off on a flash drive. And I hope that there will be no more problems with invisibility in Gmod. Good luck!

I have sad news: I Have a computer problem and I will reinstall my Windows 10. During this I will not release models.

What character you want me to do next?

One cool guy made an awesome poster with my models! View here…!
Who needs models EQG pony form?
In the evening I'll post an updated model of Twilight Sparkle from 4 pieces of Equestria Girls. Wait!:) (Smile)