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I close the commission, because I have a lot of orders. And not just a lot, but a lot! I will not give up orders. But I will not take orders any more. And this is for a long time.
So, here's the fleshed out list:
For :iconshafty817:
EQG Suri Polomare - Done
EQG Ginger Owlseye And Cold Forecast
EQG Lavender Lace And Fuchsia Blus
EQG Principal Celestia And Vice Principal Luna Camper Outfit
EQG Trapeze Star
EQG Trixie With Fall Formal Outfit
EQG Sour Sweet's Archery Outfit.
EQG Indigo Zap Alternate Outfit
EQG Lemon Zest's Alternate Outfit
EQG The Paisley Pack.
EQG Cloud Kicker
EQG Timber Spruce
For :iconbeardeddoomguy:
EQG Doom Slayer - Almost
For :iconzgwrox:
EQG Ed and Cordelia
OC for :icondrdark7:
For :icontyrakareborn:
EQG Melody (siren OC) - Almost
Pony Flithy Rich
Pony Zepyhr Breeze - 50%
Pony Mr. Shy
Pony Gladmane
Pony Quibble Pants
For :icongrimlockprime222:
Characters from Lady Bug. - Almost
For :iconaso-designer:
For :iconwandering-dreams:
Lilac Sky's, Spring Step's and Dandy Lion (Trixie Mom) - Almost
1. Trixie Mom
2. Zephyr Breeze
3. Mr. Shy
4. Gladmane
5. Filthy Rich
6. Quibble Pants
7. Suri Polomare EQG
8. Illusions EQG
9. Trapeze Star EQG
And more...
This applies mostly to this person :iconshafty817: , but all the others also take into account, for the future. Please, if you want to order something from me, write to me personally with a message to discuss the price, and not immediately pay, for example: :iconshafty817: ordered from me Timber Spruce, and paid for it 250 :points:, without discussing with me the price, I will do it for 300 :points::iconshafty817: please pay 50 :points:.
Hi guys! I'll open the commissions again soon! Somewhere in a week.
Prices for models will be changed.
The whole model under the order - 250 :points: and will vary depending on the complexity of the model.
Just hair or some kind of one piece of clothing - 50 :points:
The whole outfit is 100 :points:
Accessories - Free!
Rainbow Dash (awesome) plz Rainbow Dash (laugh) plz Rainbow Dash and Tank (hug) #2 plz Rainbow Dash Clap Gamer Dash Trolls EqG Rainbow Dash (Fistpump) Plz rainbow dash EqG 3 (thumb) plz rainbow dash EqG 3 (...) plz 
The list of releases on the two weeks:
1.Mane 7 Pony Up 2.0.
2.Octavia Melody Better.
3.Octavia Melody EG4 Better.
4.Gloriosa Gaea Everfree Better.
5.Gloriosa Daisy Better.
6.Gloriosa Daisy Geometric outfit Better.
7.Starlight Glimmer s5 Better.
8.Starlight Glimmer s6 Better.
Please subscribe to my new group, I will be very grateful to you! My new public………
I opened the Public in the VK is a Link to it you'll find something interesting!

Apple Bloom - 50%
Swetie Bell - 30%
Scootaloo - 0%
Sweeten Sour - 0%
Other commissions - 90%